What Makes Us Different {Part One}

One of our main goals at Orange Fox is to make each child comfortable and calm around us so we can get authentic smiles. While being scared is a common emotion especially for toddlers, it isn’t always what parents are looking for in a school photo

Some children come to us with smiles from head to toe right off the bat. Some, on the other hand, start off uneasy and scared of photos. We don’t want to float our own boats but this is where we excel and are different than the big box school photographers. We won’t stop at the first, second or third attempt to get your kiddo smiling (but we also won't push a kid past their comfort level - we know when to say when - we don’t want kiddos to be forever fearful of photos!)

The little guy below came to us fearful and unsure and ended up walking away from photos with a big smile and giggle. We’re not going to lie, we don’t win every kid over, but one of the greatest victories we experience when we are at a school is when we start with the first photo below and end with the second and third!! Victory and High Fives!!!! The kids often remember us and the fun they had taking photos and the photos get better and better.

We hope you are all staying warm and can’t wait to see those smiles this coming Spring!

SADto HAPPY-2.jpg